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Kimberly A. Howsley

Hawaii born, Kimberly Howsley is an artist with roots in both Hawaii and Italy. Evidence of growing up on Oahu is prevalent in all of her work and her living, studying, and teaching in Tuscany for twenty years has greatly influenced her style, themes, and choices of art mediums. She is the only certified fresco painter in Hawaii, has a master’s degree in art therapy, and most recently works primarily with Watercolor and Encaustic. Her work is tied together by beach and ocean inspired themes.

Come Visit or Work with us

Come take a look at her studio & salon gallery in the Chinatown Artists Lofts every first Friday of the month or by appointment.

Come Join Our Creative Art Ohana At Aloha Tuscany Art Studio!

~ There will be a demonstration of that evening's highlighted art technique & participants will create & paint & add to their Art Journal.
~ The cost for the evening will be $40.00 and you will have unlimited use of Artist Quality paint, mediums, brushes, and other art supplies.
~ There's lots of fun to be had!
~ Contact me for more details...
*Occasionally there will be a minimal materials fee with the option to bring your own.

There are Kimberly also offers art therapy sessions and teaches encaustic painting to interested students on a one to one basis.

Artist Statement

Leaving one home for the other, and peering down from a window on the jet plane,

I see my land and my ocean drift away.

An anticipation for the new and sadness for what was abandoned.

A yin and a yang.

A Search For Peace.

Spirits of ancient ancestors support a sense of excitement, of expectation and mystery with every brush stroke of molten bee's wax in this collection of paintings.

A yin occurs as the wax hardens.

Moments later the yang reappears when the wax is fused with a flame.

A balance is achieved.

A Peace Has Been Created.


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